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Roland Corral : The Catholic Answer Man

Thank you for visiting our new website. God Bless you!

At present, our web site is still under construction. Thank you for your patience. Please feel free to browse through what we do have complete.  If you have any suggestions, please submit them to us.

The emphasis of our site is on the Catholic faith and explaining commonly misunderstood Catholic beliefs. As Christians, we should be united in Jesus Christ. Only the enemy gains with division among Christians.  We must understand there is a "hierarchy of truths".  These are those beliefs essential to being a "Christian".  Once it is established that we are with a fellow Christian, we shouldn't bicker over those things that are not essential for salvation but work together to witness and bring others who are not saved to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why "Catholic Answer Man"? Not because I'm a know it all, that's for sure! More so because I'm a Catholic Man looking for the right answer to give to many different questions asked about the Catholic faith.

You see, for many years I've fellowshipped with different Christian brothers and sisters.  I've been to Non-denominational churches, Baptist churches, Presbyterian churches ... etc.  I've also been to many Christian conferences and seminars... Harvest Crusades, Promise Keepers etc. I can truly say I love my separated brothers in Christ.

The one thing I have found however is that there are a lot of misunderstood Catholic beliefs.  Preachers and ministers teach other preachers and ministers as well as their congregations and before you know it, everyone has had false teachings.  Truth comes from God but deceit does not.  I don't believe these brothers are purposefully deceiving but I do believe Satan propegates lies and false teaching for his purpose.  We are all one body in Christ.  As it says in the Bible, "a house cannot stand against itself" (Mathew 12:22-25) We are so busy bickering about things non-essential to salvation that we take the focus off non-Christians.  We aren't converting those who don't know Jesus, let alone those who don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am by no means a spokesman for the Catholic Church. I believe, however, that I have been called by God and been given a gift of being able to explain what I know, in a simple, logical way.  As the saying goes, "a thimble full for one is a bucket full for another".  I don't consider myself an apologist or evangelist although I pray someday I may be able to do just that.  I do share what I know however and I will strive to get more answers to questions as they surface.

I have a family and I have to work full time to provide for them.  I ask for your help in visiting the "how to support us" tab.  I need to replace my job income so I can devote myself fully to this ministry.  I am developing a network of Catholic Christian & Non-denominational Christian businesses that offer fantastic goods & services at great prices.  Please support them as you will be supporting ministries that advance Christianity.  Make sure you read the simple instructions on that tab and add us to your "favorites" so you can come back and shop, learn, visit and get involved.

Please write to me with suggestions, questions, content, corrections and teachings.  Please share any good experiences you may have with this website.  I really need to know this is touching someones life.

Please be patient.  We will be working on this website and all the pages herein.

Thanks again and God bless you.

Roland Corral

The Catholic Answer Man

As Christians of all faiths, united we stand, divided we fall...!

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